My Approach

Your body knows how to heal, therefore the best treatment plan is the one that supports what the body is trying to do right now. But it often needs support and targeted treatment tools to help:

Target your symptoms for relief.

Embrace your body’s intelligence

by harmonizing your systems.

Generate health!

  • Target Your Symptoms

    Personalized Prescription

    Can include food, supplements, and/or an herbal formulation to support what your body is trying to accomplish

  • Balance Your Autonomic Nervous System

    Increase Your Parasympathetic Tone to Prioritize Repair

    This can be accomplished by:

    • Prioritizing a positive mindset
    • Utilizing intentional abdominal breathing
    • Balancing blood sugar
    • Reducing inflammation
    • Balancing circadian rhythm

    Balance Your Autonomic Nervous System

  • Balance Your Elements of Health

    Create Your Foundation

    Balance your:

    • Movement
    • Mental/emotional health
    • Diet
    • Sleep
  • Repair Your Gut

    Based on Your Presentation

    • Improve the breakdown of your food
    • Heal your gut wall
    • Supply needed resources
    • Support your gut’s immune system
    • Improve absorption
    • Optimize your microbiome

    Repair Your Gut

  • Support Your Liver

    Provide Resource and Begin to Detox

    Once your detox pathways are open, we will determine the best detox program for you.

  • Support Your Adrenals

    Provide Resources Based on Presentation

    Support Your Adrenals

  • Begin an Anti-Microbial Protocol

    Based on Diagnostic Testing and Symptom Picture

    Once successfully detoxing, you would begin a personalized anti-microbial protocol to begin ridding your body of burden.