Group Visits

Group visits are an emerging model of care where a practitioner provides health education and insight to a smaller group of people, allowing the practitioner to assist more people at once, and make holistic services more accessible.

  • Integrative and Functional Medicine services are often not covered by insurance

  • Hourly cost is usually between $450 to $750

  • 80% of chronic diseases can be reversed with diet and lifestyle

Join me for a 60-minute online session from the comfort of your own device, to discuss the common first steps an integrative, holistic practitioner has their patients follow. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Group Visit Outline

The Foundational Four are the four areas that must be addressed in order to be successful at reclaiming your health and maintaining wellness:

  • Diet

    Food is information, and what information you are providing matters. The higher the quality and nutrient-density of your food, the less taxation on the digestive system while it works to improve function. How many calories you eat, plus what percentage of your food comes from real-food carbohydrates, is a huge component to improve health outcomes.

    Determine what diet and macronutrient ratios may be best for you, and how to regulate your blood sugar.

  • Sleep

    Sleep is the ultimate repair time. Learn how to improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Stress Management

    Stress is a chronic drain on our system and sabotages our repair work. A lot of our stress is our over-reaction to situations, and dwelling on events. Living in the past and future, versus the present.

    Learn numerous ways to manage your stress, from behavior modifications, mindset, adaptogens, and counterbalancing it.

  • Balance Movement

    Our body is a machine that needs to both move and rest. Too much of either disrupts function. Some people exercise more than they rest, and some sit on their butts more than they move. Movement is also more than just cardio and strength training. It can also be internal energy work, which is a great way to get your movement work in, calm your mind, and generally improve your health.

  • Diagnostic Testing

    Discuss normal, functional, versus lab ranges. Determine if additional testing is warranted.

Group Visit Registration

As a practitioner of both Chinese and Functional Medicine, I am able to make diet, supplemental, and botanical recommendations based on your current symptoms, paired with an understanding of your past and current diet and lifestyle choices. To do so, please download, date and sign the attached consent form. Once complete, please email them to You will receive an email with the link for the online meeting.

Download Group Visit Consent Forms

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