Avoid or Counterbalance Prolonged Sitting

Most jobs require us to sit for prolonged periods of time. The sitting position causes a shortening of muscles along the front of the body (anterior aspect). To compensate, the back side of the body (posterior aspect) must elongate to allow for this shortening. This leads to muscular imbalance that can cause not only back pain, but pain in our limbs.

To undo this imbalance, the body must do the opposite: extension. One of the best exercises is seen below, but ideally you would avoid the issue by alternating between sitting and standing.

To actively work on extending your spine, you can either attend a yoga or pilates class, or just perform the stretch in the attached video. Remember, the goal is to extend your joints – neck, shoulders, spine, and pelvis.

The Back Magic is a great device to passively work on extending your spine. By lying on the back magic at your midback, you are hyper-extending your spine while relaxing your muscles. Raise your arms above your head with your palms facing up, and raise your chin. Start out with your knees bend and your feet flat on the floor, but you can progress to straightening your legs. After a few minutes, either modify the location of the back magic up or down your spine, or roll off of it to your side. Wait approximately 30 seconds before you sit up.

Listen to your body!

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