Repair Your Gut

This online program will instruct you how to improve your digestive function.

  • Improve stomach acidity

    Stomach acid kills potential ingested pathogens, and signals a cascade of events necessary to properly breakdown and absorb your food. Stomach acidity should have a pH between 5-6 when not digesting food, and 1.8-3 when digesting food.

    Improving stomach acidity is an important first step to improving your health.

  • Decrease bacterial overgrowth

    The upper digestive tract is home to different bacterial species. When the stomach acidity is within the correct range, this species are properly managed. When the stomach acidity is out of range, these species can overgrow, impairing proper digestive function.

  • Improve gut motility

    The ingestion of food cues a series of digestive processes. One is the physical movement of the digestive contents down the gastrointestinal tract. This neural and muscular wave is called peristalsis. Proper stomach acidity is necessary for this neural signal to be effectively transmitted.

  • Improve nutrient absorption

    After proper breakdown, nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, or continue down to the large intestine for digestion by our microbiome. If protein, fats and carbohydrates are not properly broken down in the upper digestive tract, they will not be absorbed in the small intestine, causing nutrient deficiencies.