Chinese Medical Therapies

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is an effective, dynamic tool that expedites improvement. I can use acupuncture to:


    Break up muscular tension (especially with electro-acupuncture)

    Increase circulation through joints

    Draw the body’s resources to a specific area

    Clear blockages

    Improve communication in the nervous system


    Clear inflammation

    Clear blockages

    Stimulate the production of fluids and blood

    Improve communication in systems


    Calm the stress system

    Draw more energy to the head

    Move stagnation in an organ system

    Clear inflammation that is aggravating the mind

  • Acupressure / Tuina

    Tuina, or acupressure, pre-dates acupuncture.

    When you feel pain, you want to massage the problem area. We discovered that certain spots on the body had a greater affect than others and began mapping these ‘points.’

    A Chinese medical practitioner who utilizes tuina in their practice would provide hands on work like any other massage therapist, but would be following a Chinese medical treatment principle by selecting specific points like an Acupuncturist.

    Interested in a massage? Contact Sean Gibbons to schedule.

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  • Moxibustion

    Moxibustion is the burning of the herb mugwort. We call it moxa for short.

    Like tuina/acupressure, it pre-dates acupuncture. Just like tuina, when you have pain, you want to massage the area. Heat is also a pain relieving therapy. We began using heat to harm spots on our body which led to moxibustion. When we began puncturing the body, we would also do moxa over the area = Acumoxa.

    Moxa is less common today mostly due to its strong smoky nature and smell. Commercial buildings do not like it! But it is often a therapy recommended for patients at home to continue their treatment outside of the treatment room.

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  • Cupping / Guasha

    Cupping and Gua Sha are techniques to move stagnation up to four inches near the surface of the body and to draw energy to the surface.

    It is often used to move stagnation out of the muscles, allowing fresh, oxygenated blood to come in and nourish the tissues. It is also used to separate the tissues at the surface of the body to improve the venting of pathogens from the exterior.

    And it feels awesome!

  • Eastern Nutrition

    Eastern nutrition is the utilization of food based on his healing properties and functions.

    Properties = taste, temperature

    Functions = clear heat, build blood, nourish the fluids, drain phlegm, warm the body, etc.

    Foods can be recommended to add or avoid based on the diagnosed pattern of disharmony.

  • Healing Mat

    HealthyLine offers a spectrum of healing mats that allow a patient to improve their health while relaxing at home.