Blood Sugar Management

Managing your blood sugar is important for numerous reasons:

  • A spike in your blood sugar stimulates the secretion of insulin, the hormone that removes excess sugar from your blood to be provided to cells, or stored for future use.

  • A dip in your blood sugar stimulates glucagon and/or cortisol, the hormones responsible for the chain of events necessary to provide needed sugar to the blood.

By balancing your blood sugar throughout the day with food, you can avoid unnecessary stimulation of these hormones. When these hormones are over-utilized, over time, the body will reduce their production. This reduction can cause some serious issues.

In the case of insulin, sugar will remain in the blood longer, causing inflammation and tissue destruction. Eventually you would require supplemental insulin.

When cortisol production is decreased, inflammation can go unchecked causing pain and disease; energy can drop; sleep can be impaired; sex hormones may reduce.