Repairing the Gut

When working to repair your digestive tract, in addition to eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory food, you should determine:
  • Which elimination plan to follow

  • How many calories do you need based on your weight goals and movement plan

  • What percentage of your total calories should come from carbohydrates, fats and proteins

All of the elimination diets are nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory. When I say Paleo, it does not mean a lot of meat. In fact, protein is usually only around 20% of your total calories.

Calculating your total calories determines how much energy you need to maintain basic metabolic function, to gain, maintain, or loose weight, or to support how you move. The number of calories you need on a movement day depends on the intensity of your movement. Endurance type movement thrives on fat for fuel, where bursts of movement require glucose.