I have been a hands-on practitioner since 2002. Most of the people I meet have upper and/or lower cross syndrome. This is where the muscles along the front side of the body (anterior chain) have shortened from all the sitting and leaning forward. To compensate, the muscles along the back side of the body (posterior chain), elongate.

In addition to these structural issues, most people today are not moving enough to engage their circulatory and lymphatic systems, or stretch their muscles, tendons and ligaments. Nutritionally, these structures are often under-supported. Ninety percent of Americans suffer from magnesium deficiency causing their muscles to stiffen and spasm. Magnesium is prevalent in sea vegetables and food grown in mineralized soil, which is no longer a common practice. The white tissues of the body: synovial fluid, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and connective tissue, are often undernourished due to the lack of the proteins proline and glycine in the diet, found in fattier cuts of meats such as chuck roast, ox tail and brisket.

As part of your wellness plan, it is important to balance your movement throughout the day, correct structural imbalances, and support your body with needed nutrients.