Mental/Emotional Health

Most of my patients complain of stress, anxiety, and depression. They feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, and lack of time to manage it all. Their anxiety sabotages their ability to fall asleep at night, causing them to feel tired the next day. To counter their fatigue, they often consume a sugary product to give them energy for their day.

This is a common unhealthy loop people get stuck in. No matter how much you know about what you should be doing to improve your health, if you are stuck in this loop, you are likely to fail.

I’ve learned that providing de-stress acupuncture and massage really helps my patients, but only for a short time. Within a couple of days, they would be right back where they were. I would provide them with personalized recommendations to help them maintain their improved mental and emotional state, but they often procrastinate at looking at the information, little along implementing them.

This is why I created my online program, Balance Your Elements. By organizing all of my recommendations in one place with easy execution and with the addition of health coaching techniques, my patients no longer struggle with implementing these changes. To learn more, register for my free program, 5 Elements of Health.